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Our guy is terrific. My pool never looked better. He seems to be educated on all things regarding the pool. I am very happy with this company.

Jolene Arena

I started using Blue Coast pools 5 years ago. Before I hired them I had a different pool company every 2 to 3 months. They all started good and then the service went downhill. Blue Coast Pools started really good and is still excellent to this date. I completely trust the owner and I love the technician that comes to my house every week to clean the pool for the past 5 years. You can hire this company without any hesitation and you will be glad you did.

David Heath

Blue Coast pool has been doing my house since 2006 I have 3 accounts with them and they do a magnificent job with them my pool guy Is the best and the owner is phenomenal I don’t have to worry about anything because he takes care of it all. they also just resurface my pool and re did my motor they got me some cool navigators that looks like a lady bug. which I install in all three of my properties I had another company before them and I was completely disgusted with the service my kids got sick and I keep having rashes with Blue Coast I never got a problem I finally got what I wanted a crystal clear pool.

Juan Carlos Rivera

My pool had many problems, but when I hired blue coats they were solved, excellent job and good team group..

Giancarlo Cala

This company is excellent. Jorge is right, if I need something he always talks with me…and he is the owner. I just started with them in the beginning of this year after taking care of our pool for almost 25 years. I only wish I started with Blue Coast Pools sooner. They have made my life so much easier…and the pool has never looked cleaner.
I highly recommend them as your pool company!

Rickey Mittelberg

We are a condominium and Blue Coast has maintained our pools for over 10 years. Our pools are always crystal clear. Blue Coast has also overseen all of our Maintenance of our pool heaters and the resurfacing of our pools. We pass our annual county’s inspections 100% thanks to Blue Coast Pools. Potential residents pass by our pools and are very impressed with the crystal clear, always clean condition of our pools.

The staff of Blue Coast Pools, Owner Jorge and techs JC and Juan Carlos to name a few are very friendly and professional. Any issue no matter how small is addressed immediately and JC has been known to come back to the property to personally address any issue. Blue Coast reports immediately any issues that may be of a safety nature and they also report to me on issues that may not be related to the pools just because they are good people and great business professionals.

I have the cell phone number of the owner Jorge and can reach him at any time if I want to discuss my pools with him.

This is first class operation and though they have grown in the past few years, they still take the time for each customer and I would highly recommend them for any pool related job.

Mari Khoury

I’ve been a Blue Coast Pools customer for 8 years. So far, I’m still paying the same amount for the monthly service since I hired them. The pool technician performs a very professional service and he is also very friendly. A few months ago, it was necessary to replace the pool’s pump and the work was done very fast and the price was very low. Moreover, when the pump broke again, they fixed it; even though, the warranty was 2 months expired. I’m really satisfied with the service provided by Blue Coast Pools.

Raul Quinteros

They are punctual for the most part, keep my pool looing sparkling clean and bright, and responsive to service calls.

Jean Heller

They know everything about pools, heathers… they fix the whole pool…they renewed it, and i feel so blessed.

Jose Garcia

Jorge is a very responsive contractor. The crew did a very professional job in doing a resurfacing of the pool and putting new coping and tile.

Nagi Ayad

Jorge provided a very fair quote which included the pad for the heater. He provided an estimate over the phone after seeing pictures, then confirmed the estimate with a live site visit. They did the work quickly and professionally. Would highly recommend Jorge and Blue Coast to friends and neighbors etc.
When I called back for a pool automation system install, Jorge referred me to a Jandy Aqualink install expert (Ecuatech.). Willy the owner was also very fair with and beat other quotes by a mile.
Put your trust in Jorge and his recommendations, he won’t steer you wrong!

Bob Duprey

My backyard pool was FULL of yard clippings, some algae, and was in a general state of dirtiness. While the water was not green… it was well on its way to becoming green!
I contacted Blue Coast Pools via Angie’s List on Wednesday afternoon. Traded a few emails and promptly spoke with Jorge on the phone late Wednesday afternoon. I explained my need to have my pool thoroughly cleaned and the time sensitive nature of the request… namely that I needed the pool to be clean by Saturday afternoon for a BBQ we were hosting!
He arranged for a Blue Coast Pool employee to come by the house Friday afternoon. He provided an “on the spot estimate” (which was lower than I anticipated) and upon confirming with my wife proceeded to give my pool and the water a great cleaning! By the time I got home from work on Friday evening the pool was looking spotless!

I was very impressed with Jorge, his employee, and the quality of the service. My wife and I are considering hiring them as our regular “pool service.” At the moment my wife and I clean the pool ourselves… but are considering hiring a company to do so. If we decide to hire a company, we will DEFINITELY plan on using Blue Coast Pool.

Roy Van Brunt

I hired Blue Coast Pool right after Hurrican Andrew and they’ve been performing my weekly maintaneance every since and I’ve never have had a problem with the quality of work . Trough out of the years they have changed the technician only two times , and they are great! Recently they resurface my pool at a very reasonable price and I love my pool and I use it a lot! I unliked many services companies in South Florida, This is one you can really trust.

Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Responded quickly and did all work expeditiously. Jorge’s tech Raul did all work as quoted without any hassles. I’ll be using their services without any hesitation.

Victor Bericochea

This pool company provides outstanding service at an extremely reasonable cost. On the rare occasion that a problem arises I am able to contact the owner via cell phone and the problem is addressed immediately. I would highly recommend their services.

Robert Adams

Very professional. I’ve recommended them to my friends.

Theresa Kamps

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